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AdvCash Review

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With a rapid rise in development of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the options for payment solutions have also increased. Companies are launching unique and flexible payment solutions like debit and credit cards to make payments through different cruptocurrencies. Among such multiple solutions, AdvCash is an affordable way to transfer and spend money online.

What is AdvCash?

AdvCash debit card

AdvCash is a bitcoin debit card which is specially designed to make payments more secure, quick and flexible. This also works as a payroll solution for different businesses making payments online. It is a debit card with e-wallet where you can store your cryptocurrencies and make transactions with ease. AdvCash is a super versatile payment system which makes online money transactions easy as never before.


Here are some features of this cryptocurrency debit card which makes it a powerful and multi-use payment solution.

Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP and RUB
Has An App: No. The card has an e-wallet for storage and transaction purposes
Is it Anonymous: Yes
Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes
Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes
Type of card: MasterCard

Fees of AdvCash:

  • Monthly fees: Free
  • International transaction fee: 2.95%
  • Loading fee: 0.99$ per transaction

In which Countries it is available? It is available in 100+ countries excluding US

Here is the flexibility of AdvCash depicted in terms of some important features a cryptocurrency card must have.

AdvCash interface

User experience

The user experience of this card is simply commendable. The design is prepared with some lucrative and understandable diagrams which makes it easy for the users to use. Within the e-wallet, you can get the live updates and rates of bitcoins, withdrawal rates, different withdrawal methods and much more.

Within a minute, you can register and get logged in. After logging in, you get to browse the dashboard where the prices in different currencies are displayed. The website also has a customer service number which is set to answer the queries of the users. The design and usability of this card is simply high where the beginners or expert users can easily operate the website.

Services provided

The aim to design this card is to make the online payments more quick and flexible. The card was launched to make cryptocurrency payments flexible with existing debit cards, ATM’s and different currencies. AdvCash is connected with the e-wallets, plastic wallets and virtual wallets using which, businesses can handle their payroll systems.

The card is available for verified as well as non verified user though there are certain limitations for non verified users in terms of card usage. The withdrawal limit is set to 500-2500 USD on monthly basis for non verified users. For the verified users, monthly online expenditure limitation is 3000 USD per month and for ATM withdrawal, the limit for VISA or MasterCard expenditures through different POS is 10000USD.

Security settings

Security concern for AdvCash

AdvCash is a secure card with multi security payment system. From data security to wallet security, AdvCash takes care of everything. AdvCash provides platform security by using the automatic backup system, 2 factor authentications for different payments, highly reliable database encryption and cloud firewalls to protect the transactions and user data.

For wallet security, there are multiple features like SMS authorization, robust verification of every user, pass codes or passwords for proceeding payments, code card and protocol layers to ensure secured transactions.

AdvCash provides all the security features which an Online fund transfer platform must have and thus, is a secure card to use.

Support: AdvCash currently only supports Bitcoin transactions

Pros/cons of AdvCash


  • Users don’t have to pay the monthly maintenance fees for holding the card
  • SWIFT/SEPA transfers are free
  • Free internal transfers and multi security system
  • Transfer to emails and withdrawals from existing visa/master cards if you don’t have account
  • High limits for verified users with VISA/MasterCard or POS services
  • Easy to use interface for online payments and fund transfer within wallets


  • The card only comes with an e-wallet and not with mobile/web application
  • The identity of the owners is hidden which directly impacts the reliability of the brand
  • Almost Daily online spending and ATM withdrawal limits for all the users
  • It does not serve US customers

Final verdict for AdvCash:

For the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin, this is one of the best payment solutions. This is a debit card which supports multiple currencies and also serves as an excellent exchange platform. The flexibility of fund transfers with VISA/MasterCard holders, ATM’s and POS is very high.

The security features ensures reliable and safe transactions. The customer support is available for solving the queries anytime and thus, it is a great card if you are making frequent transactions with your cryptocurrencies.