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Bitplastic Review

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The people preferring privacy on the web usually tend to choose the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card. The Bitplastic debit card is used with a complete set of security protocols and measures for providing the users with the ultimate privacy levels. In order to use the debit card from Bitplastic, there is no need of providing any personal or relevant details as your name will not be printed or listed on the card or in the data associated with it.


  • Bitplastic bitcoin debit cards are considered to be the earliest pioneers since it was first used in the year 2013 and roots from Poland.
  • The card is issued by WBk or the Mbank which are the Polish local banks.

The withdrawal limit of the card is $160 each day and the POS is limited to $1000 each day.

Supported CurrencyUSD.

Has An App – No. The Bitplastic bitcoin debit cards do not facilitate the payments using the Android and the IOS in order to keep all relevant and private information of the users private and anonymous.


Physical Card – Yes.

Virtual Card – Yes.

Card TypeVisa and Mastercard


One can use the the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card without paying any fee in case of the processing amount by the user counts to $3500 USD. The method of collecting fee by the company is unusual as the collections are in the form of .020 to 0.40 bitcoins as deposits which are refunded as soon as the threshold point of processing $3500 USD is met. The $3500 USD serves as the annual limit of top-up for the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card.

The fees are generally collected using the conversion of dollars as the charges vary in between 6 to 8% of the bitcoin value. The price applied is on CoinChimp along with the additional fee that is taken is as the commission.

There is a constant charge of $1.50 USD per ATM transaction made by the users. The transfer of any amount to PayPal incurs a charge of 5% each time. The amount of $25 USD is the minimum amount to be transacted with no upper limits set to the transaction.

Countries availableThe service offered by Bitplastic spreads across various countries all across the globe including North Korea, China, India, and Nigeria. Due to the anonymous nature of the platform, the US citizens can also avail the cards and all the associated benefits.

User experienceThe method of accepted payment is Visa and Mastercard used for online payments, store payments, and ATM withdrawals which add on to the comfort of the users in a convenient manner.

Services providedThe top-up made on the card usually takes the processing time of one day and usually stretches for a longer span of time in the weekends. The codes and the Pin of the card are received via email of the user and this is not the same as the one used for the account. It takes a longer span of time for the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card to be delivered to the user’s address and the span is between two to three weeks before arrival. This is mainly because the company usually waits for the orders to accumulate up to 200 pieces and till that time the customers simply have to wait for the timespan.


  • The debit cards from Bitplastic especially support the bitcoin transaction follow an anonymous protocol for those users who secretly want to deal with fund withdrawal and online payments.
  • No identity verification is required on the advanced level after the process of payment for registration.
  • There is no need to show residence proof of the users for availing the given services by the Bitplastic bitcoin debit card.
  • The physical card does not have the owner’s name printed on it.
  • The website is accessible from the TOR network to adapt to additional security measures for users who want things to be done privately and can also be used on the virtual platform.

SupportThe card uses USD as the currency and can also be funded with bitcoins.


  1. The services are completely anonymous.
  2. There is no limitation to the number of cards for ordering.
  3. The platform can be easily accessed using the TOR network for additional security.


  1. A single form of currency, i.e. USD.
  2. Not much information provided about the company.
  3. The time of shipment is too long.

Apart from the anonymity maintenance of the relevant data for the users, the Bitplastic agency runs an exchange for bitcoins in order to help the clients to sell and purchase the bitcoins without having to provide relevant personal data and identity information. The features of the wallet are very user-friendly supporting the two-step verification and authentication for the purpose of login.

Final verdict

The storage and maintenance of the information and data related to the client are not listed in the protocols of Bitplastic. The private spending with the Bitplastic debit card has gained a platform of confidentiality at the ultimate level.