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Bitwala Review

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Bitwala is a prepaid bitcoin card that allows spending your bitcoins very easily. It supports 200+ countries and over 20 currencies with over 57,000 users to date. The problem with cryptocurrencies was the usage of these currencies in the real world. We can have bitcoins as investments, but until bitcoins are not globally accepted as payment options, it is impossible to rely on them. As a solution, the developers started developing bitcoin debit cards which has now emerged as strong as the cryptocurrencies.

Bitwala Prepaid card

What is Bitwala

Bitwala is a leading prepaid card for making bitcoin transactions across different countries to enhance the use of bitcoins. The card aims to make bitcoin payments more transparent and easy. The prepaid card allows withdrawing cash from ATMs from around the world. Along with this, there are banks and merchants supporting this prepaid card. Users can make payments through virtual or physical cards while converting currencies from the wallet.


The card which supports ample of currencies and around 40 altcoins which is primarily the reason for its worldwide expansion. Here are some other features:

Supported Currencies: It supports common currencies like USD, EUR, GBP. Along with this, it also supports all the European currencies, some Asian currencies like JPY, VND,MYR and AUD,BRL and MNX.

Has An App: Yes. Android application is available on the Google Play Store
Is it Anonymous: Yes
Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes
Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes
Type of card: VISA prepaid card
Fees of Bitwala:

  • Monthly fees: $1
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: 0.5%

In which Countries is it available? Bitwala is available in 100+ countries excluding US
Other features:
User experience

The website is designed using 2 shades, blue and white. The design is quite simple and user-friendly and allows the users to explore the currencies it offers. However, the defined FAQ session doesn’t give the user the facility to search. There are opening and closing hours which can be uncomfortable for users in other countries as the team resides in Berlin.
For customer support, the team has arranged live chat through Skype which comparatively eases communication. The options for emails and ticket rising are also available for the users to send queries or complaints. The customer service of Bitwala is highly appreciated as the customers queries are handled quickly even if there are any technical issues.

Bitwala Interface

Services provided

Plastic and virtual cards are offered by Bitwala which can be used in 100+ countries. The users get flexibility to switch between different fiat currencies and bitcoins. The debit card is supported around 20 currencies and 40+ altcoins. Bitwala has smartly partnered with SpaceShift which allows it to use altcoins for topups and other payment methods. The card is accepted where the VISA cards are accepted along with ATM withdrawal. Online Payments can be done using both the cards.

The cardholders are divided as per levels. Level 1 (unverified) users get monthly spending freedom of 500 EUR, level 2(verified users with id and residential proof) users get 2000 EUR and level 3 users get 50000 EUR. For business, the limit for spending is 100000 EUR.

2FA in Bitwala

Security review of Bitwala

Bitwala prepaid card offers security through some simple steps. With this card, users get full access to the financial data where the ATM transactions, Pos transactions and Card transactions can be easily tracked on the dashboard. This way, users can manage all the altcoin spending at a single place.
Users have to set passwords for accessing their wallets and cards. Along with passwords, the 2 factor authentication security layer is added to make the security of Bitwala more enriched. The users can enable the 2FA and reset the password with the reset password option. Just like Gmail, you get the password editing link to your mail address which is a secure way.

Support: Bitwala supports around 44 currencies including bitcoins, Litecoins, zcash, Monero and many more

Pros/cons of Bitwala


  • It is one of the top cards supporting 20 currencies and 40+ altcoins in different areas
  • Bitwala has a simple user interface
  • The customer service is highly reliable
  • The pricing structure of bitwala is quite flexible
  • From unverified users to business, everyone can flexibly use the card


  • Not available in US
  • It uses 3rd party exchange
  • Flexibility for searching facts is reduced due to lack of search button

Bitwala Customer service

Why should you choose Bitwala?

The flexibility, user experience, customer service and worldwide availability make this card a preferable card for most of the users. Bitwala offers a range of currencies and conversions along with easy ATM withdrawal and online payments which increases its usability.
It won’t charge any hidden fees and will help users to manage the finances while tracking their spending. The spending is divided as per the level of users. Thus, it is a highly user friendly card you can try if you use multiple altcoins.