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Cryptopay Review

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With a tremendous response from users, Cryptopay is here to make the cryptocurrency debit card market more competitive. It is not just another bitcoin debit card which allows transactions and payments in an easy way. The advanced features and security assertion has made it one of the widely used debit cards throughout the world.

What is cryptopay?

Cryptopay is a bitcoin debit card which is launched to ease the payments and transactions for bitcoins. Launched in 2013, it is a UK based firm which launched the cryptopay wallet and debit card for the flexibility of users. The debit card simply stands out from other debit cards due to its advanced features, economic fees and security features. The bitcoins can be directly used from the mobile phones to make payments which have ensured its ease of use!

Cryptopay Card


Any debit card can be valued through its features and ease of use. Here are some features which signify the importance Cryptopay and its wide spread use!

Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP

Has An App: No. the cryptopay platform has a very user-friendly website which eliminates the need of an application

Is it Anonymous: Yes 

Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes

Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes 

Type of card: VISA

Fees of Cryptopay:

  • Monthly fees: $1
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: 1%

In which Countries is it available? It is only for EU customers

Here are some other features which make this cryptocurrency debit cards and out from the other options!

Cryptopay Interface

User experience 

There is something unique when you have a look at the login screen. The user has to attempt username and password twice in the page. With the login, you are redirected to the dashboard which is designed in a simple and elegant way. The dashboard has all the necessary tabs which are account, transfer, and send which are frequently used. The account tab will show you your account details and balance within different currencies.

With the transfer tab, you can browse the transfer options using different currencies. With the send tab, you can send funds along with a bank withdrawal feature. There also exists a referral tab through which, you can sign up for the referral program and earn benefits!

For the ease of customers, they have a customer service centre where you can get connected or raise a query with an email. The team gets back to you within 24 hours. The platform is quite user friendly and simple.

Services provided 

The platform is used for exchanging, transferring and storing the bitcoins. After signup, the users can convert the bitcoins into fiat currencies. The offline and online transactions can be done suing cryptopay. Also, it can be used for withdrawals and POS with the help of chips and pin codes.

The bank account transfer is limited to around 28 countries in EU. However, the cards can also be ordered out form this zone. The VISA cards are shipped within 2-3 weeks in Europe and the express delivery option can be chosen which charges around 75 USD. When it comes to services, the EU users can easily get benefited from the card while other users do not get much flexibility! The commission fees for VISA transactions are quite low. The physical card can be used for ATM withdrawals, POS and shops while the virtual card is used for online shopping and fund transfers.

Cryptopay transaction information

Security concern for Cryptopay

When coming to security, the card provides accurate amount of security. The highly reliable 2 factor authorization makes it very secure. It comes with an option of 2 factor authorization which helps the users to enable encryption and further security options. There are features like remembering the device you last logged in from to make the login more secure.

The verification process is done of you are accessing your account from an unknown device. This is a very robust and reliable security feature. Also, if you fail to logout, no user will be able to tamper your account to access it. Thus, it is one of the most reliable and secures cards!

Transaction rates

Support: Cryptopay currently allows Bitcoin transactions

Pros/cons of Cryptopay card


  • With the same flexibility as a plastic card, you can use the cryptopay card for linking finances
  • Free worldwide delivery makes it more preferable
  • Cryptopay is accepted anywhere in the world where VISA cards are accepted!
  • It has a well established base where cryptopay is a financial services firm which makes it more powerful and reliable as a brand
  • It is a multi-functional card which is a wallet, a debit card, a bitcoin exchange and a tool
  • 2 factor authentication makes it super secure
  • There are unlimited online transactions and withdrawals allowed


  • The card only comes with an e-wallet and not with mobile/web application
  • Users are charged with monthly fees
  • The identity of the owners is hidden which directly impacts the reliability of the
  • US citizens cannot register
  • Limited withdrawals of 5 ATM transactions a day for verified users

Final verdict for Cryptopay:

Unless you are from US, this bitcoin debitcard is a smart option to choose. With enhanced security features, simple interface and best services, this card will simply make your transactions and payments completed in a hassle free way!