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Shift review

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Shift debit card is the primary card that offers the users of coinbase the ability to spend the bitcoins in their wallets. The Shift bitcoin debit card has a direct link to the system of an external wallet which is most convenient and suitable for the users of coinbase to get their goods and products by spending bitcoins that they have in their wallet. Presently, there is no clearance made by the card relating to the hurdles of the law and is yet to be issued in the states of USA but that will soon be achieved.

The Shift debit card can be used for making payments to all the merchants accepting Visa. The fees of the card are considerably lower than that of the other existing modes that are related to bitcoin debit cards throughout the marketplace. This is mainly because of no monthly fee charges and surcharges on the POS transactions made by the users. The debit card for bitcoin from Shift has regular drawbacks that are negligible in terms of the fees related to the term of in activeness. However, the prices and the surcharges related to the ATM withdrawals are dicey and can vary between $2.5 USD to $3.5 USD depending on the transaction made at the domestic or at the international levels.


  • The debit cards from Shift can be interconnected either through Dwalla or Coinbase accounts where the minimum fees are to be paid by the users for the top-up.
  • There are no additional fees charged by Shift for providing funds to the debit card.
  • The limit of expenditure on a daily basis is $1000 USD. This limit can be increased by contacting the team of support who can increase the spending on a temporary basis.
  • The ATM withdrawal is limited to $500 USD for Dwalla users and to $200 USD for the Coinbase account users.

  • The accounts are Shift is not completely anonymous and the issuance of a physical debit card is an available option along with a virtual debit card.

Supported CurrencyUSD.

Has An App – Yes. The Application for smartphones has been created by Shift which is supported on operating systems like Android and IOS with enhanced security protocols for all transactions conducted by showing relevant notifications related to the transactions and expenditures.

Anonymous – No.

Physical Card – Yes.

Virtual Card – Yes.

Card Type – VISA.

Shift Card Fees

The card issuance costs $10 USD and there are no associated monthly or annual fees for maintenance. The ATM withdrawals are dicey and can vary between $2.5 USD to $3.5 USD depending on the transaction made at the domestic or at the international levels respectively. The online payments do not incur additional charges but for international payments, an excess 3% charge is applied.

Countries availableThe debit cards from Shift are only limited for use in the US, and for the residents residing in all the 32 states where the regulation of Coinbase is present.

User experience – As the name suggest the use of the card proceeds in a swift manner. A complete service towards payments is provided to the merchants by Shift. The detailed stats of the spending behavior can be tracked by the merchants other than the expenditure made through the card at shops. The products can be marked with the digital and the physical wallets for brand promotion.

Services providedThe facility is limited to US citizens only due to regulatory norms of the state’s financial services. The arrival time of the card usually ranges from 5 to 7 days after shipment; the cutoff time for shipment by the company is restricted to 5 PM EST. The mobile application is mandatory for the activation of the card by self or help desk can be called for assistance.

Shit Card Security

  • The security protocol for Shift users is tight, therefore, the account users are only enabled to use their respective account after completion of the processes related to the verification of personal data for the KYC and the AML methods.
  • A social number for security is required by the users while they sign up for the accounts along with the residence proof and the date of birth.
  • All the personal and relevant information of the users are stored in the secure servers of Shift through encryption techniques and al the incoming traffic is routed to a secure channel using SSL certification in order to prohibit the third-party connectivity and access.
  • There is a restriction for the accessing of data by the employees as this is under the privacy and safety protocols of the agency.

SupportThe currency used for the Shift debit cards is USD only. The debit card is regular and simple to use for both physical and virtual modes of payment usage.


  1. Zero maintenance fees.
  2. Zero fees for conversion.
  3. Easy connection with Coinbase account and Dwalla.


  1. No own wallet.
  2. Restricted to residents of US.
  3. Cost of a virtual and physical card is the same.

Final verdict for Shift Debit Card

The Visa approved debit card by Shift is accepted by 38 million merchants globally. The agency provides transparent means of business along with enhanced user convenience.