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SpectroCoin Review

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SpectroCoin was launched as a bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins and perform actions like sending, receiving and exchanging bitcoins. However, SpectroCoin is also a bitcoin debit card which allows online payments and supports transactions with different currencies.

SpectroCoin debit card

What is SpectroCoin?

SpectroCoin debit cards come with multiple payment options with security features and a simple interface. Launched in 2013, it is a one shot solution for bitcoins which serves the users with bitcoin wallet, an effective exchange platform, online payment solution and as a debit card to retrieve money from ATMs.

The aim behind developing this platform is to make financial transactions easier and quicker. The debit card provides flexibility in reducing the limits on transactions and letting the customers make safe and secure payments.


Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP

Has An App: Yes. Applications are available for mobile and mobile users

Is it Anonymous: Yes 

Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes

Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes 

Type of card: VISA Card

Fees of SpectroCoin:

  • Monthly fees: $1.00
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: Free

In which Countries is it available? It is available in 100+ countries

Here are some advanced features and the review guideline for SpectroCoin in terms of services and interface:

SpectroCoin signup

User experience

The design of SpectroCoin website is simple and easy to use. The yellow background with blue fonts provides a clear view. The website also serves as an exchange platform and shows the rates of bitcoins on different exchanges. A well designed chart shows the current exchange rates on different platforms. The website provides a detailed FAQ section for the beginners and users.

However, when it comes to the developers of the website, nothing is mentioned. Also when you search for the reviews, you may get complaints regarding funds not received, inappropriate transaction charges, scams and much more which distracts the potential users!

Services provided 

SpectroCoin aims to provide all in one solution to the customers possessing bitcoins. From storing the bitcoins in the e-wallet to making transactions through SpectroCoin debit card, every facility is provided. To make integration of currencies easier, the company provides the users and company holders a platform to accept and transfer bitcoins. Special e-commerce wallets, plug-ins and libraries are available to integrate bitcoins with the wallets.

The debit card is financed with bitcoins and thus, the users are not required to exchange cryptocurrencies to make payments. The VISA and plastic cards from SpectroCoin can be used within any ATM worldwide. The debit card supports USD, EUR and GBP where the plastic cards of SpectroCoins are accepted on more than 20M sites and shopping destinations.

The SpectroCoins are shipped in different countries including US, India and China. The application is also available where 2 factor authentication is done to verify the users. The verified users are allowed to make transactions 10000USD at once. In a day, 2 ATM transactions are allowed and the daily limit of ATM withdrawal of ATM is 2000USD. For the non verified users, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is 400USD per day and 2500USD at once.

SpectroCoin application

Security within SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin supports various security options. There are high end firewalls, antiviruses, encryption techniques used for securing SpectroCoin. 2 factor authentication is used to validate users and verification process includes submission of ID’s. The passwords are used to verify transactions and validate users.

Support: SpectroCoin currently only supports Bitcoin and DASH cryptocurrencies

Pros/cons of SpectroCoin


  • It is used at approximately 35 million ATM’s and 25+ million shops in the world
  • The deposit and withdraw limit if bitcoins is very high compared to the other debit card which makes it more preferable
  • Almost all the countries around the world accept it as a significant payment system for bitcoins
  • This debit card also has applications for windows as well as mobile users
  • A branded company card is available which impacts the reputation and status of the company


  • There are excessive shipping charges for the SpectroCoin debit card
  • There are complaints for scams and thefts towards SpectroCoin
  • The owners and developers are not available which impacts the reputation of the firm
  • Anonymous use is not permitted

Final verdict for SpectroCoin:

While there are number of reliable and secure debit cards for bitcoins, it is tough for SpectroCoin to mark its benefits. The debit card is available worldwide and is widely accepted in shops and ATM’s. Also, it consists of a fully functional app which makes it more flexible to use. The services and pricing which SpectroCoin offers is quite convincing and flexible.

Once restricted from US, now it’s also available in US. The card is secured with 2 factor authentication and other verification processes and is safe to use!