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Uquid Review

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Uquid is the world’s first unlimited cruptocurrency debit card which supports multiple currencies and has made it easy for the cryptocurrency users to connect with the merchants. Where most of the currencies aim to ease bitcoin transactions, Uquid has stepped in with some amazing features and benefits along with multi-currency support! It is interesting to know about this unique and revolutionary cryptocurrency debit card.

What is Uquid?

Uquid is a multi-currency supporting cryptocurrency debit card which permits the users to top up their cards with different cryptocurrencies, bank cards and bank transfers. This surely improves the flexibility of this card compared to other debit cards. Founded in 2015, this debit card aims to connect decentralize cryptocurrencies (that is people with cryptocurrencies) to merchants around the globe. Using Uquid, users can spend their coins in multiple shops throughout the world.

It is clearly one of the most flexible and compliant debit cards for cryptocurrencies!

Different Uquid Debit cards

Features of Uquid

Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP

Has An App: Yes

Is it Anonymous: Yes 

Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes

Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes 

Type of card: VISA card

Fees of Uquid:

  • Monthly fees: $1.00
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: 1.5% to 5%

In which Countries is it available? Uquid is available in 150+ countries excluding US

Every card must fulfill some common usability criteria which are interface, security and the range of services. Here is how Uquid fairs on these features:

Simple UI 

User experience 

The card website is designed in a simple and appealing way. Also the platform is available in 9 other languages for ease of use. The services are available for applications on android. For security and privacy purposes, Uquid supports 2 factor authentications through which secure login and signup is promoted. For the flexibility for users, they also have a customer support team which can be contacted through emails, tickets can be raised for any complaints or queries.

Within 24 hours, the customers are responded which is quite a flexible customer support. The platform is simple and easy to use where there are no complicated processes to sign up and access various functionalities.

Services provided 

It is one of the most flexible platforms when it comes to services. Along with bitcoin, Uquid supports other 90 altcoins and allows transactions with these coins. The debt card allows real time transactions from wallets to debit cards.

For the frequent travelers, this is one of the best options to exchange and transfer money in a convenient way. The payments or transfers done through Uquid are cheap and affordable. Users can use this card in restaurants, hotels, shops, for bill payment and for different retail applications through top ups. Also users can use the card at millions of ATM’s throughout the world. For expanding the flexibility, the plastic and virtual cards for Uquid are also available.

In around 170+ countries, the cards are delivered with the shipping cost of around 35 USD. The card can be loaded with bank transfers. There are payment services like PayPal, AliPay and much more supported. Without verification the limit of top up is 2000USD.

Easy card management

Security concern for Uquid

The security Uquid offers is quite reliable just like the other cards. The 2 factor verification is done to make payments and transfers more secure. The id’s like passport and residential proofs are collected to verify the users.

The security code is also used when the user forgets their passwords. The secure code is used for authorized logins. Pin codes are used for transferring funds and making payments in a secure way.

Support: Uquid supports more than 90 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero and many more.

Pros/cons of Uquid


  • Users have the benefit of unlimited purchases and ATM withdrawals which is a commendable aspect
  • The debit card supports 90+ altcoins and different currencies
  • There are many loading options available 
  • Applications are available for both the platforms, Android and iOS
  • With just a single mail, you can get as many virtual cards as you want
  • Users can load the cards with 0.5% fixed fee


  • It is not available for US customers
  • It is a newbie and does not have a reputed company base
  • There are several complaints that the card wont load sometimes

Final verdict for Uquid:

Just like the other general debit cards, Uquid can be used flexibly within local banks, ATM’s different POS’s in a hassle free way. With real time transactions and unlimited ATM usage, you can get your card loaded when you need to use it which also saves loading fees. The transaction and card fees are quite competitive when compared to the market. This currency has multiple benefits and a great interface which makes it more flexible to use.