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WageCan Review

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WageCan is considered as the best bitcoin debit card in the current scenario due to its exceptional marketing and user friendly features. Out of all the other payment platforms and services, the debit card services of WageCan are considered to be the best. It claims to turn the digital world into real in terms of transactions and payments. Let’s have a look on the features and benefits of this unique debit card.

WageCoin debit card

What is WageCan?

WageCan is a debit card developed by a group in Taiwan that has specialization in blockchain wallets. It offers both, the plastic and virtual cards. The debit cards are specially marketed to the most promising customer base like freelancers, bloggers, and travelers etc who frequently spend their bitcoins. The team behind WageCan is highly experienced in the field of cryptocurrencies and software development. Thus, it is a debit card proposed by a reliable and expert team.

WageCan accounts tab

WageCan Features

WageCan is enriched with a rich set of features specially designed to ease digital payments. Let’s explore some of the features of this debit card.

Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP

Has An App: Yes. The Android and iOS applications are available for WageCan as the aim of the developers was to prepare a simple and understandable interface which could make payment process easy for users.

Is it Anonymous: No

Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes

Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes 

Type of card: MasterCard

Fees of WageCan:

  • Monthly fees: $1
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: Free

In which Countries is it available? The debit card is available in more than 200 countries around the world.

User experience 

The user experience has high priority for WageCan and thus, the website is designed keeping in mind the flexibility of users. It gives a professional and relevant response along with ease of use. For registering, the users need to submit some details like name, age, identity etc. for customer support, and the users have to raise a ticket and submit the query. The representative reaches users to resolve the queries.

When it comes to the dashboard, it is very minimalist in look and uniquely designed. Users can witness all the tabs of their use on the dashboard easily. Your balance is in front of you along with other necessary account information. The setting page also traverses you to the explicit features like security, daily limit and many more.

Multiple card options

Services provided 

WageCan offers multiple features among which, the plastic and virtual debit cards are included. The plastic cards, just like our bank cards are divided into Golden and Universal cards for payments for different uses. The verified users have more number of benefits from WageCan than the unverified users.

Users can easily top up the debit cards using blockchain asset addresses. Option of topping the card using applications and different websites is also provided. The users get benefits of using the cards at POS, cloud services, ATM’s and online shopping. Also, a single user can have multiple cards.

Different currencies offered

Security of WageCan

The basic elements for ensuring security are encryption and passwords. WageCan ensures security using HTTPs or SSL encryption techniques to protect the funds and information of users. One of the highly reliable security standards is 2FA which is also provided through WageCan.

While choosing the option for 2 Factor Authentication, the user has to give passwords for accessing the accounts, even in case of forgotten passwords, email verification is done. This ensures that nobody except the users can access the data or account.

While a user logs into the wallet, verification is done and in case someone else tries to access the account, nothing can be accessed without the permission of the user. Thus, by enabling 2FA, the usage of this debit card gets more secured.

Support: WageCan is used for bitcoin transactions

Pros/cons of WageCan card


  • The cards, websites and applications are perfectly easy to use
  • Along with 200+ countries, US citizens can also get the debit card services
  • The mobile applications are developed for a user-friendly platform and interaction
  • Funds are sent to any bitcoin address
  • The team of founders is very strong with good expertise
  • The security is reliable and robust


  • The card charges high fees compared to other bitcoin debit cards
  • The cheaper cards are no longer available
  • Debit card can only be loaded with bitcoins and not fiat currencies
  • SMS notification on monthly basis are not optional and charge the users

Final verdict for WageCan

The base of WageCan is very strong and reliable. The team is made up of some experienced and highly dependable members. The security features are competitive and offer robustness. The debit cards are specially marketed to the most potential customers and bonus offers are provided for increasing its reach. With the aim of developing the most user-friendly and compatible debit card, the team has developed one of the best bitcoin debit cards in the world.