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Wirexapp Review

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Wirex is one of the well-known bitcoin payment cards to simplify digital money and banking transactions for users. One step ahead of cryptocurrencies, we now have bitcoin cards competing in the market. Choosing the best cryptocurrency card is as important as choosing the right cryptocurrency. The bitcoin cards allow flexibility in making payments and are a smart option to trade your bitcoins. 

Wirex card

What is WIREX?

Wirex is a simple bitcoin debit card, but its features and applications are quite uncommon. The card offers economic money transfer and other features using the blockchain methodology. The card is just like a low-fee debit card for using which, you don’t have to think about extra charges and unnecessary hassle in transactions. Ideally, it is the best card for traders, rigorous bitcoin users and for frequent travelers as it supports payment options in multiple currencies. 


Supported Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP

Has An App: Yes. Both, the Andoid and iOS applications are available to make digital payments easier.

Is it Anonymous: Yes 

Is it available as a Physical Card: Yes

Is it available as a Virtual Card: Yes 

Type of card: 2 types of debit cards are offered here. First, the Mastercard with pin and second the virtual VISA card.

Fees of Wirex:

  • Monthly fees: $1
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Loading fee: Free

In which Countries is it available? It is available in 130+ countries excluding US, India and some Arabic countries.

User experience 

When it comes to the interface, users always look for a clean and simple interface. The interface of wirex is intuitive, simple and eye catchy. You can easily switch between the currency options and different tabs. With a single login process, you get to explore the features and browse the payment options convenient for you. Simple buttons, unambiguous design is the reason why it is recommended for daily users.

The application for wirex is very simple to use while the desktop is very complex. Beginners or frequent users may find extra information and multiple tabs disturbing. Thus, if you are looking for frequent logging in, choose the applications rather than desktop for accessing your wallet and card.

Wirex Interface

Services provided 

The services provided by Wirex card are for mobile banking. Using wirex card, you can make transactions using both, the Mastercard and the VISA card. Wirex to wirex payments along with third party payments are now enabled for card users. It is a 2 way card which supports the bitcoins as well as the fiat currencies. You can easily switch between these currencies for transactions.

No verification is required to load the card for $2500. Both, the verified and unverified users do not have daily spending limits. Using the cards is easier as both the cards are supported everywhere the MasterCard and VISA cards are supported. The shipment takes 3-5 days in Europe while 7-8 days anywhere else.

The users are also given passwords and it supports 2 factor authentications to improve security. Due to instant notifications and messages, the users can track transactions easily. The services are instant and users won’t have to wait for opening and closing hours unlike the banking process.

Wirex smart tips

Security review of Wirex

Wirex ensures security in many ways. First, it has partnered with BitGo which checks the security for all the accounts while using the very robust SSL encryption and Multisig technology. The security of MasterCard is ensured through pin codes which have to be entered while accessing the card. Just like our bank debit cards, PIN known only to the user needs to be entered.

The transactions done using this card require confirmation within a given time limit to get completed. Also 2 factor authentication is facilitated which restricts unauthorized access. Just like our debit cards, the users can also block the debit cards through wirex app in case of theft or lost PIN.

Security for Wirex

Support: Wirex currently supports only Bitcoin transactions

Pros/cons of Wirex card


  • It supports multiple currencies and allows to switch between fiat currencies and bitcoins
  • The security of debit cards is reliable and robust
  • Most of the features resemble the bank debit cards like usage of PIN and instant card blocking form the app
  • The mobile applications are interactive, catchy and simple to use
  • Shipping is free throughout the world
  • Transaction fees and usage limits are quite flexible


  • For verification, users need to wait for 7-8 days
  • The websites are not informative for beginners
  • US citizens are not served

Final verdict for Wirex?

This is a secure and smart debit card to choose.  It brings together the ease of using debit cards and making digital transactions. For frequent travelers, freelancers, for people working far away from their families and for bitcoin traders, this card is a perfect option.