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How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Card

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Choosing your bitcoin card might be a tough mission. A Bitcoin card is quite similar to the regular debit card. A user can make Bitcoin deposits and then use the card to pay for goods and services all over the world. This means that you don’t have to visit an exchange anytime you want to buy stuff. As such, it adds convenience to the currency.

Types of Bitcoin Cards

There are generally two types of Bitcoin debit cards:

  1. Virtual Bitcoin debit card.
  2. Plastic Bitcoin debit card.

The Virtual card facilitates online payments wherever visa or MasterCard is acceptable. On the other hand, a plastic card facilitates both online and offline payments where applicable as well. Additionally, you can use it to make withdrawals at ATMs which is not possible using the virtual card.

The mechanism is really simple. These cards hold your top-up BTC and then convert it to fiat during payment. The preferred fiat is selected at the time of top-up. Only the amount spent when buying is converted to fiat.

Reasons to Have These Cards

Any new product in the market has to have a draw. There are a number of reasons why a user should get this debit card. Some of these are:

  1. The card gives you the ability to hold a larger proportion of your money as Bitcoin.
  2. There is added privacy and anonymity when making purchases. This is because most cards come with this feature especially for small purchases.
  3. There is added flexibility for users of virtual Bitcoin debit cards.
  4. These cards drastically expand the scope of items you can buy using Bitcoin. The conversion mechanism means that you can use the card in many places that don’t accept Bitcoin.
  5. Conversion is easier and automatic. Normally a user would have to enlist the services of a proficient exchange to do the honors. However, using the debit card means the process becomes painless and efficient.

How to Pick the Right Card

Armed with the basic understanding of the cards, let’s go on to see how to select the perfect one. These features vary from card to card and hence a great variety to choose from. The features are as follows;


There are naturally attached fees when using this debit cards just like for cash debit cards. As such this is a parameter that can help you make a determination. It is prudent to pick a card with average fees suited to your needs. A lower fee doesn’t always mean better quality of service. Therefore, make a decision that is well rounded with regard to fees.

Supported Countries

It may come as a shock to some to try purchase a card only to realize they live in a country not supported. This may also come to haunt travelers who rely heavily on card. With that in mind always ensure that the card is supported in jurisdictions you operate in.


Reputation is something you can’t afford to gloss over. This is even more crucial for virtual debit cards. Be careful to verify the credentials of the issuing company to make the proper call.

Features and Incentives

Some important features include the supported fiat currencies, connection to other payment options like PayPal and others. Again, the card you pick must be best suited for your needs. It is therefore only possible to determine that by taking note of the features.

The limits

There are usually associated terms with every company. Limits as to loading amounts and online transactions for instance are important. With that in mind, it is vital to check these limits so as to prevent buyer’s remorse.

Anonymity and Privacy

For many users, it is important to have the highest privacy levels possible. This is not really surprising as freedom from centralized regulation is one of the tenets of cryptocurrency. Therefore, it does no harm to ensure you have the best possible option.

A few suggestions

Going by those parameters, there are a few cards that look pretty decent. These are:

  1. Wirex visa debit card- This is a UK based company that offers plastic cards at a fee of 17 USD and virtual cards free. The combination of fair fees, great services and a fully-featured app make it a decent option.
  2. Monaco Visa Debit card-Visa card, mobile app and great web platform. Additionally it supports over 20 coins and is usable in 120 countries worldwide.
  3. BitPay Visa Debit card.


These cards are great because they give cryptocurrency agency into everyday uses. Through established channels of payment such as Visa and MasterCard, the task is easier. These cards also empower users by bringing extra convenience to the handling of Bitcoin. All in all, they constitute a vital addition in this innovative sector. It will be interesting to see how the industry grows and changes. Make sure to read what are the best bitcoin debit cards for you before you make your decision.



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