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The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

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The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards for 2018

Bitcoin debit cards are there for a simple reason; to bring convenience and vast width to Bitcoin payments.

Bear in mind that you will still be actually paying in fiat currency. That said, the card allows you to carry a decent amount of coin and use it even where Bitcoin itself is not accepted.

Bitcoin cards are increasingly common and have slight differences as would be expected. However there are some general guidelines we can use to make a decent list. These are:

General Distinguishing Features

  • Features and incentives.
  • Supported countries.
  • Anonymity and privacy.
  • The limits.

These are vital characteristics that should help a user make the most suitable pick. I will then highlight the most reputable Bitcoin debit cards out there. Remember, the most important question is; will this be the best card for me?


1.     Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card

Figure 1: Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card

This is a reputable card issued by the Wirex. The company was rebranded in 2016 and it was previously called E-coin. Wirex is an established provider of cryptocurrency wallets. This card is Visa secures and crypto-enabled. As expected, it offers instant fiat to crypto-exchange and vice- versa.

Upon verification, the user can manage multiple coins through an app or even better by having the physical card. The fees are 3 percent for international transactions, $2.5 for ATM withdrawal and $17 to get the physical card. The card offers medium level anonymity.

Notably, the card has a $1.50 monthly fee. The maximum loading amount is $10,000 USD. Additionally, there is a unique feature called the CryptobackTM which rewards users with 0.5 percent of their in-store transactions in Bitcoin when they spend by swipe.


  • All major currencies supported. This means currencies normally used for global transactions such as the US dollar or the Pound.
  • Pin and Chip card available besides the virtual card.
  • The fact that it is an established company is great for credibility.


  • The company has redundant fees in my opinion and you will find no shortage of user complaints.
  • The card itself is relatively expensive compared to other similar cards.

Read the full Wirex review to learn more about the Wirex bitcoin card

2.     BitPay Bitcoin Debit Card

Figure 2: BitPay Bitcoin Debit Card

BitPay is another well-known card. However, at the moment it is only available to American users. This is because Visa suspended its affiliation to Wave crest, a company that supports the card internationally.There are efforts to address the same and restore worldwide operation.

The card offers medium anonymity. Moreover, the cost for getting one is a flat fee of $9.95. There is a fee of $2 when making cash back withdrawals inside the USA.


  • Well known company which is great for credibility.
  • Fair cost for individual cards.


  • Lacks chip and pin.
  • Not available to Non-US residents.


3.     Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card

Figure 3: CryptoPay Bitcoin Debit Card

Cryptopay is available worldwide and supplies both physical and virtual cards

There are maintenance and loading fees. The physical card is $15 and ATM withdrawals are $2.5 with international currency exchange adding another. However, the maintenance fees of $1 and a similar percentage in loading fee are noteworthy extra charges.

There is greater anonymity with this card as you don’t have to supply full id verification if you don’t need high card limits. That said, the loading limit is only $ 2,500 USD for unverified cards.


  • Supplies physical and virtual cards.
  • Cryptopay debit card is available worldwide or at least in most countries. This makes it accessible for people all over the world.


  • The maintenance and loading fees can be a bother for some people.

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4.     Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card

Xapo was one of the first companies to supply Bitcoin debit cards. The physical card is $20 and an additional annual fee of $12 after the first year.

The Xapo cards are shipped worldwide according to their site. The card offers a level of anonymity similar to Cryptopay. This means you can load up to $2, 500 without needing much verification.


  • The company ships cards to most countries around the world. The reach means can be great even when travelling.
  • Xapo is an established company with a decent reputation. There is hence little doubt as to its credibility.


  • The card lacks the chip and pin functionality.
  • There are redundant fees for Xapo as well. Nonetheless, some people may be comfortable with these kinds of fees.

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Final thoughts

These cards are a bold step that fast-tracks the global adoption of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, each has great room for improvement particularly on customer satisfaction. There are tons of complaints online about each and more should be done in that regard.

All in all, technology is always on the move. I have little doubt that these changes will be made.






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